PreK & Kindergarten

TCA Arshag Dickranian Armenian School’s Pre-Kindergarten program is designed for 3 – 4 year-old children. The school believes that each child’s self-esteem is crucial to healthy, intellectual and social growth. The children experience much of their learning through hands-on activities and play which are specifically designed to develop their pre-literacy, pre-math, language, cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills. Activities in the Pre-Kindergarten program include listening to stories, reading age-appropriate books, playing with blocks, painting, using art-crafts, and physical activities involving various games on the playground. The children also receive daily nutrition services and naps in a fun, pleasant environment. In putting these practices into action, the Pre-K program aims at preparing children to be socially adept, highly motivated and ready to learn about the world around them. The Pre-K program currently has an experienced teacher/director and a teacher’s assistant who helps run the daily activities.

The Kindergarten program adheres to the concepts of the Pre-K program and follows the belief that successful learning is based on the child’s level of readiness. The Kindergarten curriculum is designed to develop the child’s verbal skills and reading and writing abilities. It also offers them with an age-appropriate education in mathematics, phonics, environment and science. The Kindergarten program aims to provide a nurturing environment in which the developmental needs of each child are met.
Subjects taught in the Kindergarten program include English, Armenian language and history, math, social studies, science, music, art and athletic activities. Most importantly, Kindergarten is used to teach the students healthy adaptation to any new environment using verbal, behavioral and analytical techniques. Both programs have well-qualified teachers with experience in working with young children and use select textbooks that arouse curiosity and love for learning.