Faculty and Staff

Here is a list of our faculty and staff. You can also check homework by clicking on the names of your teachers and visiting their pages.

Name Title E-mail
Seraydarian Manoug Principal [email protected]
Office Staff
Abramyan Vartan Computer Teacher and Programmer [email protected]
Mazloumian Arpy Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Rshtuni Mesrop Dean of Students
Tascian-Williams Mary MTW - College Counselor, Gov. Relations [email protected]
Asatryan Lusine 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ashikyan Satenik 2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Bezdikian Aline Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Karagezyan Annie 1st Grade Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Keshishyan Komitas Music Teacher [email protected]
Marikyan Madlena Pre-Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Nahapetyan Tamara Pre-Kindergarten TA [email protected]
Shanlian Victoria 4th Grade Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Tatoian Violet 3rd Grade HomeroomTeacher [email protected]
Umroyan Emma Elementary Armenian Teacher [email protected]
Vardanyan Ani Art Teacher [email protected]
Junior High School
Braun Oliver Junior High Science & Biology Teacher
Isajane Zorik Athletic Director [email protected]
Melkumyan Maria Junior High Math Teacher [email protected]
Nazaryan Arevik Junior High Armenian Teacher
Petrosyan Koryun Junior & High School Math & Science [email protected]
Poghosyan Nune Armenian as Second Language Teacher [email protected]
Tascian-Williams Mary Junior High English Teacher [email protected]
High School
Baghdasarian Hourig HS Social Studies Teacher
Gharibjanyan Arshak High School Math & Science Teacher [email protected]
Nasoyan Anahit High School Armenian Teacher [email protected]
Saari Shawna HS English Teacher
Zargarian Polet Art/Art History Teacher [email protected]